Who - Recruiters committed getting hires. academics want overhaul organizations recruit process. background executive search corporate talent acquisition. model simple - off-site full life-cycle contract recruiting resources direct sourcing capabilities. Simple - easy. believe recruiting sales function just transactional process. There art science talent acquisition masters both.

What do - First, understand business. If open positions truly mission critical, hard fill, require higher level recruiting skills, then you need Virtual Recruiters. will first meet you get understanding talent acquisition needs. Next, will develop custom proposal service level agreement review. Once engaged, spend lion's share time sourcing, screening, presenting closing candidates. work clients hourly basis there no front fee begin project. most important, keep close contact both hiring manager candidates new hire safe sound new organization, delivering results.

With Virtual Recruiters, client assigned designated recruiter working just those staffing needs set forth scope project. Each Talent Acquisition Search Consultant keeps requisition load (usually 4-6) low enough guarantee enough focus can applied each requisition ensure fast delivery high quality candidates.

How work - "leave no stone unturned" approach sourcing high caliber talent. There magic bullet finding next hire. avenues must researched. can included following:

Direct "Cold Call" Sourcing
Internet Job Boards
Passive Candidate Internet Mining
Professional Associations
Directory/List Name Generation
Industry Networking
Event Marketing
The best candidates may staring you straight face resume Monster, may hidden another company's talent vault pumping out great work them. Either way, can get them present opportunity best light peaks interest leads quality hires.
We work closely Human Resource department facilitate possible internal activity such as employee referrals, possible re-hires, department transitions. also work candidates you, hiring manager, sourced make sure treated well properly moved through process.
Why succeed - Over years, process been worked reworked, honed virtual perfection. There strong focus communication, roles, milestones, deliverables. Using process ensures everyone same page understands exactly do how do it. guarantees accountability.
No successful endeavor should attempted vacuum know value working cross-functionally within organization, especially matrixed environment, tremendous. process includes everyone involved hire, requisition orientation. process map includes hiring manager, human resource representative, interview team, department coordinator, even candidate. approach provides clarity usually missing most outside recruiting resources. if everyone process remains diligent proactive, results reduced time fill conversion higher quality candidates.

Virtual Recruiters, Inc. premier, nationwide, Talent Acquisition Outsourcing (TAO) service provider dedicated helping organizations hire world class talent. engages end-to-end contract recruiting solutions including workforce planning, requisition design, employment advertisement, direct sourcing, candidate screening, applicant tracking, background checking, offer management, compliance program support, pipeline development.

Virtual Recruiters delivers effective recruiting services Fortune 1000 mid-sized companies industries. accomplished through innovative approach combines sourcing capability executive search firms, accountability in-house staffing functions, flexibility contract recruiters.

The company's Talent Acquisition Search Consultants known relationship-driven, results-oriented approach working clients. As well, interface hiring manager, candidate, human resource partner through full-life cycle recruiting process. ensures effective communication better conversion rates qualified, available, interested world class talent.

The founded 2006, based Corona, California.
Why can't I get sourcing capabilities executive search firm without paying astronomical fees?"
That question started all. seemed very fair question posed member executive leadership team. Nobody answer.
The Approach
Our founders "best best" approach building company. Fortunately us, combination experience expertise virtually aspect recruiting staffing build ground outsourcing model addresses most important measurements talent acquisition - time-to-fill quality hire. Click chart (.pdf) different.
The Experience
Unlike many recruiting resources, principals at Virtual Recruiters have:
Real-world success leading talent acquisition functions
Best practice expertise executive search (retained contingency)
Long-term familiarity corporate recruiting environments
Proven staffing approaches learned "in trenches"
Expert recruiter training skills including "direct sourcing" techniques
Advanced internet recruiting data mining capabilities
The Organization
Our recruiters sourcers housed centralized location ensure both discipline synergy. Virtual does mean remote, simply means off-site client facilities. team leaders manage activity, production, quality. allows scalability managing search projects. Whether you opening planning ramping department, organization can find quality talent fast.

The Model

Our business model closer management consulting firm legal practice, except without front retainer fees. rates much more reasonable than methods, $80 $120 per hour based complexity quantity search assignments. rate about same as might pay sourcing research organizations only deliver names list. if you consider markup costs associated having another firm payroll senior level contract recruiters, then you can value proposition using resource mature recruit process, attention candidate quality, "do takes" mentality. mention absolutely love do!

That Virtual Recruiter difference


What keeps you at night? thought unless you can build team filled qualified, talented, committed individuals, you may deliver promised? Do you feel you really don't dedicated resource help you hire next key contributors? you frustrated "settle for" approach seems only option left? Even though you KNOW there good people out there! can help.

Our services specifically targeted hiring managers looking recruiting resources get know business, understand objectives, learn top talent looks them. Helping managers hire best talent only business, it's passion.

Virtual Recruiters unique its approach talent acquisition. spend most time sourcing candidates, then presenting opportunity company's "story". Many times these potential hires busy working competition. may take networking call, cold call, email introduction get dialogue going. core competence. recruit way. It's how work.
Our website will provide you some interesting background detailed insight into firm. However, if you really want get know us, then contact us. welcome opportunity speak you.

At Virtual Recruiters, dedicated providing effective services solutions help leading corporations acquire quality talent mission critical roles will impact business results.
Through actions, will become trusted partners clients, candidates, colleagues - presenting clients honesty integrity, respecting candidates interaction, working colleagues collaboratively, competitively. results will legacy.
Helping managers hire best talent only business, it's passion.
Virtual Recruiters Inc. committed becoming most respected sought after provider talent acquisition solutions services.
Virtual Recruiters Inc. will build its market presence through strong organic growth, innovative solutions, strategic partnering. will remain focused core competence talent acquisition stay true mission.
Our vision also includes creating work environment recruiters valued, rewarded recognized performance, developed into best recruiters world.
We believe arrive at destination, will changed revolutionized talent acquisition forever.

Our beliefs cornerstones which built great company.
As talent acquisition search consultants, advice offer solutions provide can significant impact businesses, careers, lives others.
This responsibility do take lightly. adhere code professional ethics focus long-term relationships forged clients, candidates, colleagues. following shared values will help trusted partners accomplish mission goals:
Seek understand learn clients business
Represent clients honesty integrity
Respect candidates interaction
Establish balanced perspective between diversity quality
Work collaboratively, competitively
Always exhibit sense urgency
Stay positively focused result-oriented
Create maintain enjoyable work environment - fun!
To thrive, great companies clarity about serve. At Virtual Recruiters, serve business. order deliver most return investment clients, must ask ourselves at critical step process - "What's business?"

To answer question, take both pragmatic holistic approach way work clients. reporting relationships develop as important success engagement as roles responsibilities play delivering commitments.

We convinced direct relationship hiring manager most important success factors needed ensure effective acquisition talent. will take engagement critical element does exist. Managing search project managing project, requires alignment constant contact those position make important decisions. reason, seek as primary reporting relationship, hiring manager.

We also know communication partnering Human Resources vital success program linked talent. founders spent last eight years responsible leading talent acquisition function within multiple Fortune 500 human resource organizations. perspective gives Virtual Recruiters process advantage proven superior due ability include key stakeholders recruit cycle new employee.

Together can source hire best, drive positive business results

We promise to:
...work company's best interest taking time effort understand business processes currently place organization so might align complement services needs needs company.
...provide services highest standards managing open positions, finding you qualified, interested, available candidates. interview applicants in-depth before sending resume profiles, will inundate you too many resumes, but will strive only send very best review.
...communicate clearly, completely, effectively. will keep regular contact you keep you date progress, following through commitments holding ourselves accountable activity results.
...align ourselves company's compliance diversity programs ensuring support affirmative action EEO requirements.
We promise to:
...be honest approach helping you find next position. will help you throughout process, marketing skills best way possible, guiding you through interviews, giving you best advice.
... work highest standards ensure latest information job organization, so you can feel confident throughout interview process.
...be committed providing you both positive constructive feedback interviews, potential job opportunities, steps you should taking next career move.
...maintain discretion if contact you at work unlike some companies, will only submit resume client knowledge agreement.
...respect fact you, making career move most important decision you may face, will maintain professional courteous manner, no matter decision may be.
To valued associates, promise to:
Cultivate challenging dynamic work environment
Communicate expectations clearly regularly
Reward recognize strong performance commitment
Provide essential tools resources needed success
Encourage make available development training opportunities
To trusted partners, promise to:
Understand business core strengths
Combine strengths yours good clients
Turn you aspirations exceed resources
Make commitments long-term, act accordingly
Always think "give" first, then "receive"
To advisory board members, promise to:
Provide clarity around goals, responsibilities, expectations
Create environment allows board members speak freely
Think strategically about future growth Virtual Recruiters
Respect input feedback making important decisions
Welcome opposing viewpoints foster creative debate
Virtual Recruiters Chief Executive Officer, Brian Smith, began his career executive search 1988, he joined Chase Adams, Inc. as executive search consultant. While at Chase Adams, Brian specialized recruitment sales, sales management, systems engineering within computer communications industries companies such as Amdahl, Data General, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, both contingency retained basis.

In 1994, Brian joined Management Recruiters International, Inc., national search firm, he gained experience recruitment healthcare professionals, providing search services areas clinical rehabilitation administration rehabilitation service providers, hospitals, healthcare systems. year later, recognizing healthcare industries need demand specialized search services, Brian formed Odyssey Group Inc., boutique search firm dedicated placing clinical technical specialists within healthcare organizations.

Family obligations desire move west brought Brian into corporate environment 1998. Brian joined Superior Consultant, healthcare consulting firm specializing information technology management consulting services, he led talent acquisition efforts newly formed Enterprise Solutions Division. Practice areas he his team supported included Microsoft Solutions, Data Warehousing, Applications Development, Integrated Voice & Facility Solutions, Integrated Network Solutions, Internet & Messaging, as well as strategic (non-matrix) positions.

For next eight years Brian increasing levels responsibility talent acquisition functions included Senior Management Director roles within such companies as Quantum Corporation, leading storage solutions provider, Edwards Lifesciences, premier medical device manufacturer, his role prior starting Virtual Recruiters.

Brian's balance successes both executive search field Fortune 500 staffing roles gives him multifaceted perspective deep understanding talent acquisition within corporate environments. Aside pure recruiting side talent acquisition, he also designed delivered solutions areas relocation services, background screening processes, university relations programs, applicant tracking systems, diversity plans, new employee orientation. time he been staffing leadership roles, he never recruiter worked him quit. He takes great pride being considered "a recruiter's recruiter".

In his spare time, Brian can found practicing magic his daughter Victoria. As well he enjoys golf, billiards, occasional game Texas hold'em.

Chris Lee-Smith, Virtual Recruiters Chief Operating Officer, began her career recruiting just after year stint Minolta Corporation New York, NY as sales representative solely responsible raising "C" territory into "A" territory within short years.

Her first executive search position, 1990, DataFinder's Group Inc., she started specialty desks recruiting both information technology publishing sales professionals. Chris awarded "Rookie Year" 1991 prestigious New York based search firm. She continued great deal success recruiting these dynamic arenas.

In 1994, she joined Management Recruiters International, Inc., she immediate success placing rehabilitation directors senior clinical specialists within hospital healthcare organizations. year later, seeing strong need healthcare specialized approach finding talent, Chris partnered create Odyssey Group Inc., retained contingency niche search firm dedicated supporting hospitals healthcare systems IT, clinical corporate staffing.

Chris joined corporate side talent acquisition 1999 when, after moving Colorado closer family, she joined Certus Corporation, premier healthcare technology services corporation, she highly regarded sourcing attracting Data Architects, Oracle Developers, Network Architects Security Architects, Pre-Sales Engineers, Web Architects, Developers Account Executives.

Chris then recruited ThruPoint Inc., international infrastructure consulting company, recruit high level technical consultants senior account executives Mid-West region. Through her efforts source hire nine senior level Cisco Certified Internet Expert (CCIE) professionals within her first year. astonishing feat given at time there only twenty individuals these credentials region.

Since 2003, Chris owned operated Lee-Smith Consulting, she provided senior contract recruiting services diverse set clients including Toshiba American Information Systems, IndyMac Bank, Wet Seal Inc., Farmers Insurance Group. Her areas specialty included Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Corporate functions. She always been known filling "impossible positions".

When she started path building Virtual Recruiters. Inc., her primary purpose create resource would provide best class talent acquisition services would continue recruit those "impossible find" candidates. Anyone works Chris discovers very quickly she extremely dedicated "closing req". her nature ever say "it can't done" "we can't find them". Virtual Recruiters very fortunate someone organization only living these ideals day, but also instilling them recruiters train.

When she tied phone, you can find Chris doing homework her daughter, Victoria. She also voracious reader, loves discuss comparative religion

That's you will find working Virtual Recruiters Inc. Working as Search Consultant Virtual Recruiters offers plenty job satisfaction challenging assignments. career can as rewarding as you want make it. We'll empower you, giving you opportunities build lasting client relationships develop expertise will guarantee future success recruiting environment. Work hard produce results you will find meaningful purpose work while being well compensated rewarded.

Previous recruitment experience pre-requisite - majority search consultants backgrounds industries into which recruit adding real value recruitment process. As well, offer entry level positions those individuals drive passion do takes become expert recruiter. Critical qualities success traits you MUST possess regardless qualifications experience are:

Intelligent mind - strategic thinker, business sense, problem solver
Intrepid spirit - fearless, bold, courageous, adventurous
Interpersonally oriented - responsive, active listener, communicator
Independent nature - self-motivated, entrepreneurial, autonomous
If sounds you, then you may takes join Virtual Recruiters' team. Click here if you interested taking first step. will call you discuss possible opportunities next steps

Search Consultants heart soul Virtual Recruiters organization. work closely clients help them source attract quality talent will impact business results. Because clients require different approaches talent acquisition strategies, hire train individuals at three different levels:

Associate Search Consultants
Search Consultants
Senior Search Consultants
At Virtual Recruiters Search Consultants participate full life cycle recruiting client companies while developing expertise advanced search methods increasing industry, market, functional acumen. varied work do shares number important elements.

All Virtual Recruiters Search Consultants:

Work mission-critical staffing projects at top clients' agendas
Have responsibility requisition design support, employment advertisement administration, direct sourcing, candidate screening, applicant tracking, offer management, compliance reporting, pipeline development
Interact communicate regularly frequently client hiring managers, human resource representatives, candidates
Are contributing members Virtual Recruiters team, collaborating members client teams
Assist improving Virtual Recruiters search process providing frequent feedback ideas may help enhance service offerings
Senior Search Consultants may also responsible for:

Client workforce planning gap analysis design delivery
Mentoring training search consultants advanced search skills knowledge
Business development strategy design execution drive organic growth Virtual Recruiters within client companies
The role Search Consultant Virtual Recruiters provides varied, commercially focused career competitive results oriented environment. Each day you will face challenges which will require you use personality intuitive skills fulfill needs clients.

Each day you will chance make difference.

Once you start at Virtual Recruiters, you will equipped tools resources you need do job realize potential. great recruiter knows results can achieved better faster if means source great candidates available.

This may include resources such as online resume database access (i.e. Monster, CareerBuilder, HotJobs, Dice, etc.), business contact information (i.e. ZoomInfo, Jigsaw, CorpTech, etc.). association lists (i.e. IEEE, Directory Associations, etc.),

It also important technology side stay connected accessible clients. Whether laptop, good high-speed internet connection, fancy bluetooth headset you always wanted, lack tools will never concern while working Virtual Recruiters.

With information, technology, people give you sound advise, you will well armed do battle war talent.

And good clients, need well armed champion causes.